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Guardian Speculation (via Hunter’s Insight – A Guild Wars 2 Blog)

Is it Thursday yet? Nope! However, while ArenaNet keep us in the dark, Hunter’s Insight has some interesting things to say, speculation-wise, regarding the Guardian.

Guardian Speculation Back in June I posted Monks of Guild Wars 2, one of my most popular posts. It was an early representation of where I thought the monk class was going, backed up by a few pieces of concept art, interview questions, and other speculation. Turns out it was not entirely inaccurate. Okay maybe dragging the dervish into the discussion wasn’t a good … Read More

via Hunter’s Insight – A Guild Wars 2 Blog


New Toy: Customizer 101 – Quick Thoughts

clicky clicky

Clicky Goodness

My latest toy, a Customizer 101 made by Unicomp, just came in the mail today.  I’m usually so hard on keyboards, I normally only buy the cheapest thing I can find.  This time, I thought, I’d spend a little more money on something nicer, maybe a little geekier, so I did some research and found this guy.

Fit & Finish

This thing is built like a tank, it feels very solid.  The keys are nice and springy with a nice audible click.  The color scheme might not appeal to most, but they do offer a black version with grey keys.  I dig the old-school look myself.

Overall Thoughts

This thing feels amazing and it sounds amazing (if you’re into that).  It’s definitely a keeper, I don’t think I’ll be going back to my old cheap-o $20.00 Wal-mart special anytime soon.  Stay tuned, I’ll try to toss up a more in depth review of it once I’ve had a little more time with it, but for now I’m loving it!

Guild Wars 2 Guru » Fifth Profession Reveal: Guardian


Wow, very nice!  I did not see this coming today.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve got on Thursday!

Guild Wars 2 Guru » Blog Archive » Fifth Profession Reveal: Guardian.

Spare Change

(Full resolution version available on my flickr stream.)

Bad puns aside, I’ve found myself really pinching pennies lately.  So, instead of handing the guy behind the counter my card or swiping it at the machine, I’ve been handing them a carefully counted stack of quarters and dimes, with a smile and a “here ya go!”

Now as far as photography goes, and perhaps a lot of other things, I’m sure I still have a lot to learn, but I’m quite proud of how well this shot turned out.  Some of you expert photo-people may disagree and that’s all well and good, but I still think it’s pretty shiny.


The Evolution of a Python Programmer : Aleks’ Domain

The Evolution of a Python Programmer

A while back, clever snippets of code portraying how different people programming in Python went about solving the same problem, appeared on the internet. Needless to say, it was pretty funny and despite its popularity, not many people seem to know of it when I bring it up. Being as lazy as I am when it comes to these sorts of things, I am blogging about it now. Almost three years later. It has been posted and reposted dozens of times, but full of geek pride, I can proudly say that I helped create it by correcting some of the mistakes in the original. How’s that for major geek cred?

The original is right here, if you’re interested.

The Evolution of a Python Programmer : Aleks’ Domain.

Crazy Wheelchair Kamikaze Plunges Into Elevator Shaft

Today started out to be a real shitter, thankfully this was in the news to brighten my mood.  Thanks Darwin!

Crazy Wheelchair Kamikaze Plunges Into Elevator Shaft.

The New Mesmer (via Hunters Insight)

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer speculation

The New Mesmer Obviously the mesmer hasn’t been released yet, and probably won’t be (IMO) until after the assassin. Nevertheless I’ve been thinking about it. I started this post back in July. I was waiting for lightning to strike me as to what the unique mechanic of the mesmer might be. Unfortunately it’s just not that simple. Each profession has moved away from their Guild Wars primary attribute towards something else unique about their class. Usually somethin … Read More

via Hunters Insight

I Buy IPAD No. 1

I realize I’m probably late on this, but this is pretty funny.  An Apple Superfan’s ‘Rudy’ Moment.

Just getting started

I think this is going to be just a little test post.  I’ve got most of this set up the way I like it I believe.

I’ve never messed with wordpress before, seems quite awesome.  I always see other people’s wordpress blogs and they always seem so neatly organized and easy to read.  Therefore, I shall have one too!  However, no promises on whether or not I’ll be writing about anything you find particularly interesting though :O

Bye for now, internets.