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New Toy: Customizer 101 – Quick Thoughts

clicky clicky

Clicky Goodness

My latest toy, a Customizer 101 made by Unicomp, just came in the mail today.  I’m usually so hard on keyboards, I normally only buy the cheapest thing I can find.  This time, I thought, I’d spend a little more money on something nicer, maybe a little geekier, so I did some research and found this guy.

Fit & Finish

This thing is built like a tank, it feels very solid.  The keys are nice and springy with a nice audible click.  The color scheme might not appeal to most, but they do offer a black version with grey keys.  I dig the old-school look myself.

Overall Thoughts

This thing feels amazing and it sounds amazing (if you’re into that).  It’s definitely a keeper, I don’t think I’ll be going back to my old cheap-o $20.00 Wal-mart special anytime soon.  Stay tuned, I’ll try to toss up a more in depth review of it once I’ve had a little more time with it, but for now I’m loving it!


Spare Change

(Full resolution version available on my flickr stream.)

Bad puns aside, I’ve found myself really pinching pennies lately.  So, instead of handing the guy behind the counter my card or swiping it at the machine, I’ve been handing them a carefully counted stack of quarters and dimes, with a smile and a “here ya go!”

Now as far as photography goes, and perhaps a lot of other things, I’m sure I still have a lot to learn, but I’m quite proud of how well this shot turned out.  Some of you expert photo-people may disagree and that’s all well and good, but I still think it’s pretty shiny.