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Guardian Speculation (via Hunter’s Insight – A Guild Wars 2 Blog)

Is it Thursday yet? Nope! However, while ArenaNet keep us in the dark, Hunter’s Insight has some interesting things to say, speculation-wise, regarding the Guardian.

Guardian Speculation Back in June I posted Monks of Guild Wars 2, one of my most popular posts. It was an early representation of where I thought the monk class was going, backed up by a few pieces of concept art, interview questions, and other speculation. Turns out it was not entirely inaccurate. Okay maybe dragging the dervish into the discussion wasn’t a good … Read More

via Hunter’s Insight – A Guild Wars 2 Blog


The New Mesmer (via Hunters Insight)

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer speculation

The New Mesmer Obviously the mesmer hasn’t been released yet, and probably won’t be (IMO) until after the assassin. Nevertheless I’ve been thinking about it. I started this post back in July. I was waiting for lightning to strike me as to what the unique mechanic of the mesmer might be. Unfortunately it’s just not that simple. Each profession has moved away from their Guild Wars primary attribute towards something else unique about their class. Usually somethin … Read More

via Hunters Insight