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New Toy: Customizer 101 – Quick Thoughts

clicky clicky

Clicky Goodness

My latest toy, a Customizer 101 made by Unicomp, just came in the mail today.  I’m usually so hard on keyboards, I normally only buy the cheapest thing I can find.  This time, I thought, I’d spend a little more money on something nicer, maybe a little geekier, so I did some research and found this guy.

Fit & Finish

This thing is built like a tank, it feels very solid.  The keys are nice and springy with a nice audible click.  The color scheme might not appeal to most, but they do offer a black version with grey keys.  I dig the old-school look myself.

Overall Thoughts

This thing feels amazing and it sounds amazing (if you’re into that).  It’s definitely a keeper, I don’t think I’ll be going back to my old cheap-o $20.00 Wal-mart special anytime soon.  Stay tuned, I’ll try to toss up a more in depth review of it once I’ve had a little more time with it, but for now I’m loving it!